Marina Osk kvartett

Marina OSk, Mikael Máni Ásmundsson, Erik Tengholm, Johan Tengholm

Marina OSk, Mikael Máni Ásmundsson, Erik Tengholm, Johan Tengholm

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Marina Osk kvartett was founded at KMH in Stockholm in 2018 by Marina Osk, Icelandic jazz vocalist. She recruited 3 strong jazz players to create a drum-less quartet, following in the footsteps of one of her idols, Chet Baker, who is without a doubt considered a true virtuose when it comes to melodic jazz and improvisation.

The band consists of two musically strong duos:

Marina & Mikael has been an established jazzduo for 4 years. They released their debut album in 2017 which got nominated for the Icelandic Music Awards 2017 as “album of the year” in the jazz and blues category.

“As a duet we’ve worked really hard on developing our own, unique sound, based on a mutual musical language and mutual love for the duo setting in jazz”.

They’ve played f.ex.: Reykjavik Jazz Festival, Mulinn Jazz club in Harpa Reykjavik and countless gigs both in Iceland and in Holland.

Erik and Johan Tengholm are Uppsala-raised brothers with a strong musical bond. They’ve long since established them selves as excellent musicians and their brotherly connection gives their playing together a strong and beautiful quality. They’ve also both received numerous stipendiums and both study at KMH.
They’ve played for example at Stockholm Jazz Festival with numerous different projects, New Sound Made at KMH and most of Stockholms jazz clubs.

“Together as a group we strive to catch the essence of our strengths as two duos and combine them in a drum-less, delicate but musically strong quartet. The music, written and arranged by me, stretches it’s arms to traditional “West Coast” sounding jazz, resulting in a mixture of warm and strong melodies, accompanied by traditional jazz harmonies, complimented by melodic and lyrical improvisation - played by a tight sounding group. Lyrics in both Icelandic and English give the repertoire an interesting twist but jazz in Icelandic is indeed a rare delicacy”.

Marina Osk 2018

Upcoming gigs…

// 14th of February - Jazz at Hotel Hellsten - Stockholm

// 26th of June - Jazz at Nynäshamn - SE