Jazzvocalist / Lyricist / Composer

The basics: 

STockholm based

Icelandic vocalist / lyricist / composer

Currently Studying Masters at the Royal Conservatory of Stockholm

BMus from the Conservatory of Amsterdam in 2017

Taught music from the age of 18

I write music that calms me down
and gives me a refuge from daily struggles. 

I believe music can have a pretty powerful effect on people. For myself it has in the past represented a helping hand through bad times, a guiding hand into good times and a friendly companion through life. I never intended to become a jazz singer at all, but the more I dug into the tradition, the songbook and the lyrics, the more I started to discover elements that intrigued me. 

What I truly like about jazz is the simplicity of it. That may seem like a contradiction in the truest sense of the word since jazz is often described and experienced as a very complicated and refined artform; an elitist music. However, to me, the beauty of the music comes from the fact that when the melody is strong and complimented by the right set of words and harmony, you can arrange it for a 100 person orchestra OR strip it down do the simplest setting of a duet and still the music can sound beautiful. It’s essence is so strong that it can handle different kinds of arrangements, settings, instrumentations and interpretations without losing it’s beauty. 

Music does not always have to “sound jazzy” in order to have the essence and elements of jazz. That also provides freedom for one to write the music that truly represents oneself - which is something that inspires me to compose. With my music I want to create a warm and peaceful atmosphere, sharing personal stories through lyrics and sharing the moment with a listening audience. 

Thanks for reading! 


Bands and projects:

Marina & Mikael
Marina Osk Kvartett (Is & SE)
Stebbi og marina / Bass and voice
Yfilios Project + Marina Osk
Unfolding STories
Doktrine - vocal group

Notable perfomances:

Oslo Jazzfestival - NO
Múlinn jazzclub, HArpa Reykjavik, Is
Freyjujazz - Reykjavik, IS
Kex Hostel - Reykjavik, Is
Reykjavik Jazzfestival, Is
Velkomin heim series, Björtuloft, harpa Reykjavik IS
GRæni hatturinn, Akureyri, Is
Musikvalvet Baggen, STockholm, SE
Amsterdam Blue note, Amsterdam nl
Twee spieghels, Leiden, NL
Jómfrúin jazzvenue, Reykjavik, IS
Twang - Stockholm SE
KMH - Stockholm se
Kulturhuset, stadsteatern - Stockholm SE


// Reviews //  

Marína Ósk has an nonintrusive but clear and to the point style of conveying her message and telling her stories with a bright and gently flowing voice. Understatement springs to mind, never too much of anything, no unnecessary display of virtuosity or volume, only elements that serve the purpose of each piece perfectly. But her skill is omnipresent and each song raises interest in what else there might be to experience. There is strength in telling stories in such a personal way as we we experienced yesterday, courage in sharing, ties to the ancestors, the connection to our culture, and ultimately what connects us all, love. “This next song is, would you believe it, also about love ... “ A genuine connection to the audience, based on honesty and a true symbiosis of two good artists, budding professionals.
— Hlín Pétursdóttir Behrens, Velkomin heim series coordinator

Marína has a dynamic and yet powerful voice and is a very creative vocalist. She writes beautiful texts, original songs and effective arrangements. She prepared her concert very accurately and was able to communicate it effectively with emotions and humor.
Note of merit is the song “Meðan höndin mín í hendi þinni hvílir”
— CvA Concert Committee; E. Righini, S. Langelaan, L. van Dam, H. Campbell, W. Cnossen, R. Douglas